Cheap Promotional T-Shirts – The Popular Choice for Affordable Marketing
in Promotional T-Shirts by Dave

Are you looking for an affordable marketing option that will set your business out from the crowd? Who wouldn’t be! We’re proud to offer a huge range of options that are designed to give you maximum exposure without breaking the bank – and one of our current favourites are cheap promotional t-shirts! One of the most popular choices on the market, they are the ideal choice for a huge range of applications, from giveaways to staff uniforms, and offer an excellent way to increase brand recognition wherever you go. If you want to learn more about what makes our custom tees such a great choice, you’ve come to the right place. 

  • Huge Range of Styles
    With over 70 different tees to choose from, you can be confident we have the perfect option for your business. Whether you’re looking for men, women or children; tops for casual wear or for sporting – or anything in between, you’ve come to the right place!   
  • Perfect for Every Business
    Thanks to the huge range of options, there is a style for every business. Whether you’re in construction, teaching, retail, hospitality, or any other sector, once you customise your cheap promotional t-shirts, they will be unique to your brand.   
  • Incredibly Easy to Customise
    As we mentioned above, customisation is critical – but don’t worry, it’s incredibly easy to do! Choose a style and colour scheme that complements your business, then take advantage of the blank canvas on offer on both the front and the back of the tops. Print your brand name, logo, contact details and marketing message for maximum impact.   
  • Ideal for Giveaways
    If you’re looking for the perfect giveaway for your next event or tradeshow, then look no further than our custom tops! With options starting from less than $5 per unit, you can afford to give them away for free – they are definitely an investment that you can expect to see a return on!  
  • A Great Addition to Staff Uniform 
    They aren’t just a great choice for giving to potential customers – staff will also appreciate a well-designed t-shirt, and they make an excellent addition to the work uniform! Customers will be able to quickly and easily spot employees, and your team will enjoy the ‘sense of place’ they provide.   
  • Maximum Exposure for Your Business 
    If customers and staff are wearing your customised t-shirts, then they are seeing your branding each time they get dressed! It isn’t only them that is seeing your business details – everyone they come into contact with throughout the day will also be exposed to your logo and brand name!

As you can see, cheap promotional t-shirts are a great choice for marketing, no matter what industry your business is in! Whether you’re giving them away at tradeshows, offering them to top clients or even including them in your new staff uniform, you can be confident that wherever they are worn, they are providing your brand with excellent levels of exposure – making them the marketing tool that keeps on giving. 


If you’re looking to invest in this affordable addition to your campaign, don’t hesitate to give Novel Tees a call. With almost 70 different styles to choose from, you can be confident we have the perfect design for your brand. Call us today on 0800 436 438