Promote Your Event by Custom Printing T-Shirts
in Promotional T-Shirts by Dave

Do you have an event on the horizon and you’re wondering how you can ensure your staff stand out from the crowd? To make a statement at a tradeshow, you need to be seen, and the best way to do this is with an attractive uniform! We recommend custom printing t-shirts in the lead-up to the special event, including relevant information printed on a colour that reflects your business. If you’re wondering what you need to include on the shirts and how they will help your brand make an impact, you’ve come to the right place. 

How to print your t-shirts 
Before you can take advantage of their advantages, it’s important that you print a shirt that is suited to your business. 

  • Choose a design that reflects the event
    With a range of designs available, it’s important that you choose a style that matches the event and your business. For instance, a sweat wicking singlet would not be well suited to an event your staff are catering. 
  • Use a colour scheme that complements your branding
    Choose colours that reflect those found across your marketing campaign – but choose within reason. Just because your logo features fluoro green doesn’t mean your staff or customers want to wear it!  
  • Print with your logo and business name
    Most importantly, it is critical that your shirts are printed with your logo and business name – this is how your customers will recognise your brand, ensuring the wearer functions as a walking billboard for your company!

How they can help you stand out
Now that the big day is here, you can enjoy the features and benefits that come with custom printing t-shirts. 

  • Ensures staff are easy to identify 
    With bold colours and clear, legible font, your staff will be easy to spot within a crowd, no matter how busy it gets! Consider printing their titles on the shirt as well – for example: ‘Team Leader’ or ‘Valet’. 
  • Offer them as giveaways
    Create a sense of excitement within the event by offering them as giveaways to a select few lucky customers. Whether you create a raffle or hand them to every person who walks past, you can be sure of gaining new potential clients.  
  • Take advantage of extended exposure
    By their nature, t-shirts are designed to be worn more than once! This means, each time your potential customers or staff wear your clothing, they are exposed to your advertising material – as is everyone they come into contact with whilst wearing the tee!

As you can see, custom printing t-shirts in the lead up to any big event can give your business the upper hand it needs to stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re including them in your staff uniform or handing them out as part of a giveaway to potential customers, you can be confident they will offer the promotional power you’ve been waiting for! 

If you’re eager to organise your custom tops, get in touch with Novel Tees today! We have a huge range of t-shirts and singlets, which we’re happy to ship across New Zealand. Call our experienced team today on 0800 436 438.